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Oct. 21st, 2007 @ 09:43 pm
I'm back now! Yes, I was home this weekend! I wasn't planning on it, but I had to cause I needed to get stuff for my interview on tuesday. It was a very good weekend home, except I didn't get homework done, which I kinda planned on, so yeah...

I have got my suit, two ties, two shirts (cause I can't decide the colors), nice shoes, and a nice bag to carry my nice files in. Also, today I got a haircut! It isn't as weird as I thought it would be, but it's also not as short as I planned on it being. But it's still nice cause it's manageable. The only problem is that I feel that without my hair to distract attention, I feel that my acne kinda stands out =/ Also, I think I have chubby cheeks, but Adam says it's just my cheekbones, which does not make me feel any better at all, lol.

It was funny, today the guy who cut my hair was like, really flamboyant and funny, and he knew a lot about hair, but not much else, haha. Like, we were talking about traveling cause I told him what my interview was for, and he was like "Well, I've been to Ireland, but that's about it. I traveled down the...this is the east coast, right?" hehe it reminded me of Beauty and the Geek. Which I don't watch. Seriously. It's just on right before Reaper! I swear!

No, but seriously.

So my plan for Tuesday is that I am going to get to the bus station by 8:30, cause the bus leaves at 9:30, and I'll get to NYC at 12:15, which will leave me plenty of time to get lost and then find the building right on time. Nah, I should be fine, the port authority is only about a mile away from Helmsley Building on Park Avenue. I'll probably get there like...hours early. Luckily, I will have plenty of books to read! Also, I will be too panicked to read so having books won't really matter. I will probably stare at my application and lesson plan and just give up hope or something.

What sucks is I have no way to transport my suit without it getting extremely wrinkled, so I will end up having to wear it on the bus and everything. Oh well. I emailed my awesome cousin Margo this weekend on my mom's suggestion to see if I could crash at her place, but her friend is gonna be in town for an audition and she was already promised the futon, but it's no big deal. I will probably end up just catching the bus back to Albany that night, cause I don't think I'll get a call back. I mean, second interview XD But yeah, I am trying to think of this as only a practice interview in preparation for the Amity one in November. But if I do end up needing to stay over, Nicole from work said I can stay at her place. Hotels in Manhattan are really expensive!!

For my lesson plan, I decided to do what Christina suggested (cause I think she did this also) and I am going to teach animals and colors. But mostly colors. What I have in the lesson plan is that the students will have colored in their favorite animal outline with their favorite color, and then they'd all stand in a circle and present it with a statement, and then ask another student to tell about theirs. The email from Aeon said that it should help their conversational skills, so I think this should help a bit. I also had a fun game planned, but I couldn't find a beach ball anywhere, so that wouldn't work.

Anyways, this weekend, I went back home and ended up getting to see "Noises Off" at the rivoli. My mom was in it, and so was a friend of hers, Tom (who is, btw, totally awesome as hell). The show was, I must say, freakin hilarious! It is, I think, the best play that they SCDW has done in years! It's just, a completely chaotic show full of mishaps and whatnot, and I was laughing like crazy throughout. I saw it the second night as well, and it was still just as funny! The thing is, it's about an acting troupe who are doing a play called Nothing On, and like, in the first act, nobody knows their lines at all, or their staging, and so it alternates between them acting a play within the play, and then acting amongst themselves. The second act is entirely what is going on backstage on their opening night, and it's full of drama of the funniest sort and all that nice stuff XD The last act shows them all just doing the play on the last leg of their tour, and the cast is just beat and no one cares, and it's just complete pandemonium of the most hilarious sort. I am so so happy I got to see it, and it went so well! Even though it didn't cause a lot of people kept forgetting their lines and stuff, cause they've hardly had any full cast rehearsals, but the great thing about this show is that most of the time, forgetting your lines is fine because they're supposed to be actors in a really bad play, haha

It was a movie (I don't remember if it was before the play or after) with John Ritter, Christopher Reeves, Michael Caine, Carol Burnett, and others. It's funny, but I think the play is better. I never saw the end of the movie. But yeah, I can't wait to go see it again next weekend.

Mostly because, by then I will have finished my interview.

Which is the first thing on my mind. I don't even care that my English midterm essay is due less than 24 hours from now, and I still have one more essay to do.
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Oct. 17th, 2007 @ 08:59 pm
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Sep. 28th, 2007 @ 02:30 pm
Guys. I need this shirt, and you don't know how badly.

FOR SERIOUS I'M DYING WITHOUT IT! Now that I know it exists, there is no way to go back to living a simple life without it!
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Sep. 25th, 2007 @ 07:28 pm
so I spent basically all day doing a nonstop movie quiz on facebook in order to prove to myself once and for all that I truly have no life. I would have kept going but the questions kept getting stupider because people are completely arrogant morons who feel the need to point out every time somebody makes a stupid question by posting it in the form of another stupid question. But their method works because sensible people, such as I, would not bother stooping to their level by making a question which is not really a question and saying "why don't you guys just suck it up and shut the hell up kthx"

Needless to say there were some funny questions and stupid people. Somebody for some reason posted a bunch of stupid questions about Friends which is, you know, not really a movie, and somebody asked a question about "Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows" that made me bang my head on my metaphorical desk.

But I found this gem which is not a stupid question so much as hilarious in every way:

It had me dying. For serious.
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Sep. 18th, 2007 @ 12:13 pm
Coolest. Dream. Ever!

First, there was a tyrannosaur inside a house that kept trying to get out by bursting through a window, but I found out that if I closed the window at just the right moment, it would get like...I dunno, transported to another dimension or something, but it always seemed to come back. So I got it twice, but the third time, I didn't close the window at the right time (cause it was kinda broken! a giant dinosaur had been smashing into it!) and so the T-Rex burst out of the house and I began to run for my life

But as I Was running from it, like...something happened and suddenly I was the T-Rex! And I was running away cause the peeps were scared of me, except for one kid, so I went upstairs and hid from the police and the owner of the house while the kid went downstairs to try to negotiate.

Then, no idea if this is the same dream or not, I was walking like, through a park or something (as a person, not a T-rex) and somebody comes in leading a blue sauropod (I have to say that because I have no idea what kind it was) which, I now realize, is probably the same one from one of my most vivid childhood dreams! Holy crap!

Anyways, the dinosaur could talk to me, and it let me climb on his back and we rode off! IT was the coolest thing ever! We ran through a mall, and people were not as surprised as I would have expected...but anyways, then we went on this track and just started running around in circles. But eventually, I was the one running, and although I couldn't see my dinosaur anywhere, I was still talking to it, and I was holding a briefcase thing, so maybe it was in there. But guys, after I rode on that dinosaur, gravity did not affect me as much! So I was running all over the place, on the walls and such, doing random flips because I could! and it was awesome! There was not an unawesome part to that dream, I swear...
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Sep. 12th, 2007 @ 12:35 pm

BERLIN (Reuters) - A blind judo expert astounded a mugger by pinning him to the ground after he tried to steal his cigarettes, police said on Monday.

The assailant, a 17-year-old man of Asian origin, spotted the 33-year-old, who police identified only as Emil E., at a train station in the southwestern town of Giessen and thought he would be easy prey, police spokesman Rolf Wellershausen said.

But what the attacker did not know, the spokesman said, was that his victim was a world-class blind judo wrestler.

The 17-year-old threatened the blind man, then punched him in the face, at which point the martial artist flipped him and held him down until police arrived.
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Sep. 6th, 2007 @ 10:18 am


ROME - Luciano Pavarotti, opera's biggest superstar of the late 20th century, died Thursday. He was 71. He was the son of a singing baker and became the king of the high C's.

Pavarotti, who had been diagnosed last year with pancreatic cancer, died at his home in his native Modena at 5 a.m., his manager told The Associated Press in an e-mailed statement. His wife, Nicoletta, four daughters and sister were among those at his side, manager Terri Robson said.
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Sep. 5th, 2007 @ 03:32 pm
Man, one of the songs that usually makes me cry came on my playlist, lol. It;s such a sad song! But yeah, apparently Pearl Jam redid it, and I wanna hear it, but DC++ isn't working. But it's that song, Last Kiss, and it's by J Frank Wilson & The Cavaliers. Oh, I'm listening to the pearl jam one now, but I like the original one better. Except I feel the original was is too fast.

We were out on a date in my daddy's car
We hadn't driven very far
There in the road straight up ahead
A car was stalled the engine was dead
I couldn't stop so I swerved to the right
I'll never forget the sound that night
The screaming tires the busting glass
The painful scream that I heard last

Oh where oh where can my baby be
The Lord took her away from me
She's gone to heaven so I got to be good
So I can see my baby when I leave this world

When I woke up the rain was pouring down
There were people standing all around
Something warm flowing through my eyes
But somehow I found my baby that night
I lifted her head she looked at me and said
'Hold me darling just a little while'
I held her close I kissed her our last kiss
I found the love that I knew I have missed
Well now she's gone even though I hold her tight
I lost my love my life that night


Anyways, today was an eventful day. I got up and played DDR to burn some cals (it's easy to play DDR on weds. cause I don't have class so I can play as long as I want and shower whenever). I read what I had to for Hamlet, and then went to price chopper, and I dunno how I drive like...almost a mile before I noticed the parking violation stuck under my windshield. But yeah, it was total bullcrap. So I went to the parking office later and she said I can appeal it, so I did. I got the proper decal, which if the university were, you know, adequate, they could have given to me in the first place. But the lady was nice and she told me how to make the appeal and stuff, so that was useful.

Tonight I have to read some stuff for my Hamlet class and also I want to start my linguistics homework. But right now, I am in a rare good mood, and I don't want to spoil it by frustrating myself with really really really hard linguistics, lol.
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Aug. 28th, 2007 @ 09:21 pm
I have to read Julius Caesar for next tues., and the first act of Hamlet by thurs.

I just spent about 25 or 30 minutes in the living room with my apartment mates watching a snake catch and then eat a mouse.
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Jul. 10th, 2007 @ 11:24 pm
what we do when we are bored

a dueling spoon: oh i know one that they do that for in HP- snape pairings
a dueling spoon: at least some
a dueling spoon: like... snarry
DarkMasterHobbit: oh, Snarry
DarkMasterHobbit: haha
a dueling spoon: yes
a dueling spoon: and snupin
DarkMasterHobbit: tehehhee
DarkMasterHobbit: that makes me laugh
a dueling spoon: but i always hate names like that, they look so ugly
DarkMasterHobbit: Snookshanks
a dueling spoon: HAHA
DarkMasterHobbit: oooh i wanna take all the hp names and put "sn" in front of them now
a dueling spoon: like snoliver?
a dueling spoon: hahahahaha
DarkMasterHobbit: snumbledore
a dueling spoon: hehehe!!!
DarkMasterHobbit: snoldemort
a dueling spoon: you are making me laugh, hehehe
DarkMasterHobbit: ahh that makes them sound so funny!
DarkMasterHobbit: sniant squid...nah
DarkMasterHobbit: snagrid
DarkMasterHobbit: that sounds liek a real word
a dueling spoon: sninerva
DarkMasterHobbit: hehehehe
a dueling spoon: maybe it would be -- sngonagall, instead
DarkMasterHobbit: lol!
DarkMasterHobbit: snitwick
a dueling spoon: haha eww
a dueling spoon: snack
DarkMasterHobbit: snilch
DarkMasterHobbit: snakc?
a dueling spoon: yes for sirius black
DarkMasterHobbit: oooh
DarkMasterHobbit: snirius
a dueling spoon: although, i guess you would have to say that
DarkMasterHobbit: i bet those exist
a dueling spoon: since there is regulus after all
DarkMasterHobbit: lol true true
DarkMasterHobbit: umm....
a dueling spoon: snermione
DarkMasterHobbit: snufus
DarkMasterHobbit: hehehehe iw as thinking of that one before!!
DarkMasterHobbit: sneville....
DarkMasterHobbit: wait that works
a dueling spoon: hehe
a dueling spoon: snucius
DarkMasterHobbit: Mrs Snoriss
DarkMasterHobbit: hahaha!!! i like snucius!
a dueling spoon: ehhehe me too
DarkMasterHobbit: snalfoy
DarkMasterHobbit: snockhart
DarkMasterHobbit: sneasly
DarkMasterHobbit: that's snape/weasleys
a dueling spoon: snockhart, hahahaha
DarkMasterHobbit: its liek snog-hard
a dueling spoon: snudley
DarkMasterHobbit: hahaha!
DarkMasterHobbit: thats is the creepiest!
a dueling spoon: that would be the grossest fanfic ever
a dueling spoon: totally writing it btw
DarkMasterHobbit: snily, do you think those exist?
DarkMasterHobbit: hahaha!!! yessss!
a dueling spoon: oh yeah!!
a dueling spoon: snape and lily are so popular!
DarkMasterHobbit: oooh...hmm...
DarkMasterHobbit: snames
a dueling spoon: hehe that too
DarkMasterHobbit: snernon
a dueling spoon: loll
a dueling spoon: snettigrew
DarkMasterHobbit: snetunia, i could totally see that cause they are both creepy
DarkMasterHobbit: hahaha!
DarkMasterHobbit: i was gonna say snormtail, but i like snettigrew best
DarkMasterHobbit: sneur
a dueling spoon: snoody
a dueling spoon: XDXD
DarkMasterHobbit: hehehe
DarkMasterHobbit: snacklebolt
a dueling spoon: lolllll!!!!! i love it!
DarkMasterHobbit: me tooooo
a dueling spoon: that is IT
a dueling spoon: i am now a snacklebolt shipper
DarkMasterHobbit: yess!!!
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